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Products and Service

Cyrustek CO. provides a complete series of DMM ICs. By measurement resolution, these ICs consist of  2,000,  3,400, 4,000, 6,000, 6,600, 11,000, 22,000, 44,000 and 440,000 counts. The measurement functions  consist of volt, current, resistance, capacitance, diode, continuity, frequency counter, and duty cycle. By operation mode, they can be DMM SoCs or ADCs which needs a uP to control its function. Most of them provides LCD segment drivers and some of them include bar-graph. 
In addition to DMM ICs, Cyrustek also provides relative measurement IC such as True RMS-DC converter.

Cyrustek CO. dedicates on DMM IC and mixed-mode IC. Besides, Cyrustek provides ASIC design.



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