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CYRUSTEK start to introduce the green package with Pb-free for whole series of ICs from the beginning of 2005.  Please push the button "Products" to find the  Green PKG Report.
   2019 New Product ES117 LED Voltage tester
   2019 New Product  ES168/ES169 250K LCR Meter Chipset
 2019 New Product ES232,  30000 Counts  DMM Analog front end IC (Peak)
  2018 New Product ES736/ ES737 True RMS-to-DC Converters (AD736/ AD737 PIN to PIN compatible) 
 2018 New Product ES166,  6000 Counts  DMM /LCR front end IC
 2018 New Product ES289,  20000 Counts  Manua1 DMM IC
          2016 New Product ES222,  10000 Counts  dual ADCs DMM analog front end IC
          2016 New Product AUTO RANGE  DMM solutions ES279/ES259  Series  ( W/O bar-graph display )
          2016 New Product MANUAL RANGE DMM solutions ES218 series

 One of the global leader in Digital Multi-Meter IC and beyond

Cyrustek Corporation  is a professional IC design company. Since its establishment in 2000, Cyrustek has dedicated substantial resources in the research and development ("R&D") of digital and analogy IC facilities. Currently, Cyrustek is recognized as one of the world's leading company in the Digital Multi-Meter IC  industry.

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