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ProductPackageFunctionBandwidth(1% error,100mV)dB OutputAC&DC InputInput Signal rangeOutput Voltage PolarityPin CompatiblePower DownSupply VoltageBuilt-In Independent OPA
ES737SOP-8Fast Zero TRMS ( AD737 Pin Compatible )40kHz400mVNegativeAD737O±2.5~±6V
ES736SOP-8Fast Zero TRMS ( AD736 Pin Compatible )40kHz400mVPositiveAD736±2.5~±6V
ES636SOP-14True RMS DC Converter With dB Output ( AD636 Pin Compatible )99kHzOO400mVPositiveAD636,MAXIM636O±2.5~±10VO
ES7SOP-8True RMS converter W/O dB Output ( AD737 Like )200kHzO400mVPositiveO±2.5~±10V
ES5SOP-14Fast Zero TRMS 660mV Full Scale ( ES6 Pin Compatible )90kHzO600mVPositiveO±2.5~±10VO
ES5ASOP-14dB output: apply for 60dB range, input operating range up to 2V90kHzOO600mVPositiveO±2.5~±10VO