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ProductPackageFunctionSupply VoltageMaximum CountsResolutionReference Voltage Temperature Coefficient(ppm/℃)Multiple Channel InputPEAKHOLDBuzzer DriverLow Batter DetectorCommunicationDisplay Driver
ES5108QFP-483 1/2 Digit ADC with serial output9V2000100uV60OOORS232LCDO
ES5128QFP-4420000 Counts ADC with LED driver9V2000010uVOLED
ES5129QFP-44 / DIP-40L20000 Counts ADC with LCD driver9V2000010uVOLCD
ES5120QFP-44, DIP-404000 Counts ADC With LCD Driver9V4000100uVOOLCDOTSC820
ES5106QFP-44,DIP-40,SSOP-482000 Counts ADC With LCD Driver9V2000100uVLCDICL7106,TSC7106
ES5107QFP-44, DIP-402000 Counts ADC With LED Driver ( 共陽極 )9V2000100uVLEDICL7107,TSC7107
ES5117QFP-44ES5107 + Data Hold Function ( 共陽極 )9V4000100uVOLEDICL7117,TSC7117
ES51991SSOP-2811000 Counts ADC Front End-3V1100010uVOOI2C
ES51992LQFP-32 ( 7 x 7 )ES51991 + Multi-Channels-3V1100010uVOOOI2C
ES51993LQFP-32 ( 7 x 7 )ES51992 + Peak-3V1100010uVOOOOI2C
ES51963SOP-2822000 Counts ADC DMM Front End IC ( Peak x 10 )±2.5V2200010uVOOO
ES51973SOP-2822000 Counts ADC DMM Front End IC±2.5V2200010uVOO
ES5116QFP-44, SSOP-48ES5106 + Data Hold Function9V2000100uVOOICL7116,TSC7116